Black Berries Garden

Plantation is located at an elevation of over 600 meters, surrounded by natural ecosystems in a pleasant environment. It is a Champion tea. The tea is deep and rich in texture with an innate sense of power. It is aromatic with ripe black berries and notes of earth.

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Honey-bee Tea

Consistently the most popular tea. An intriguing array of honey and peach aromas. Pure and expressive, the mouthfeel is soft and sweet with long-lasting fruity aroma.

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Cotton Candy Land

Waves of flowery and sweet fragrance greet your nose. The tea is mellow, pure and sweet, offering a mouth-watering freshness and a lingering finish.

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We are responsible organic tea farmers. We are one of the few tea farmers in China who are fully committed to organic farming. Pollution and hazard-free Dancong Oolong tea of the best quality is produced on our Certified Organic tea farms. Our tealeaves have passed heavy metal and pesticide residue tests, and are up to EU Agri-Food Import Standards.

We are a top-notch, prize-winning brand.

Our tealeaves have won us a number of awards at overseas events over the past ten years. In 2018, we won the championship of the oolong tea category at the Hong Kong International Tea Fair. We were also granted the Best Aroma Award.

We’ve exercised strict operational discipline as a dedication to care for our environment and an expression of our passion for life. We are strong advocates for a balance between Man and Nature.

We promise to deliver only the cleanest, purest and healthiest tea to our customers. We hope to save your troubles of making decisions – for we have given you the best and most exceptional option.

Strict Screening

Sweet Aftertaste


Quality Assurance

Eurofins: AR-18-SU-056586-01-ZH

CERES: Confirmation No. 85103